Unit Test – Array 驗證使用 CollectionAssert 測試陣列資料是否相同

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使用到 CollectionAssert 紀錄一下

使用 LeetCode 905. Sort Array By Parity 練習


Given an array A of non-negative integers, return an array consisting of all the even elements of A, followed by all the odd elements of A.

You may return any answer array that satisfies this condition.


Example 1:

Input: [3,1,2,4]Output: [2,4,3,1]
The outputs [4,2,3,1], [2,4,1,3], and [4,2,1,3] would also be accepted.


寫測試部分 :

        public void SolutionSortArrayByParity_3_1_2_4_ShouldBe_2_4_3_1()
            int[] A = new int[]{3,1,2,4};

            Solution solution = new Solution();
            var actual = solution.SortArrayByParity(A);

            var expected = new int[] {2, 4, 3, 1};

            CollectionAssert.AreEqual(expected, actual);


Solution :

    public class Solution
        public int[] SortArrayByParity(int[] A)
            return A.OrderBy(x => (x % 2==0)?0:1).ToArray();